Kai-Leng's Operation

Maintenance tracking for Kai-Leng Ekansh’s operation.

2 Guards (Ekansh clan hires). Wages/mo: 168/mo
1 Servant (Dealer) Wages/mo: 42/mo
1 Accountant Wages/mo: 5% of all other crew wages: 10 silver 5 copper/mo
=220.5 silver/mo

Malaba Slug-Alchemist: go-to source for interesting recipes. Not officially part of the operation.
rohan: Provides access to alchemical lab of his temple.
Jakka the Slug: local underboss, provides product and protection.

Operations and plans in progress:

1. Jakka’s Goods:
-Jakka provides 500sp worth of goods, Kai-Leng is able on average to get 1k in sales, of which 800 goes back to Jakka. The remaining 200 is used for the lion’s share of crew wages.

2. Caterpillar Sleeper:
-Production cost 3sp/dose, sale price is 12sp, or 9sp at Temple of Con Rua. Medicinal. No regular producer set up yet. Driving business towards Temple of Con Rua where appropriate to maintain access to Alchemical Lab.

3. Hybrid Nuang-Sag’s Dust and Caterpillar Sleeper:
-Trying to secure a source at Sughd for Nuang-Sag’s Dust to mix with Caterpillar Sleeper for Malaba Palace Academy Art Exhibit.

4. Acquire a lair/safehouse.

Kai-Leng's Operation

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