Books may be commonplace in the Yellow City. After all, it is said that the city itself is built on top of what is a grand library of an unknown age. Nevertheless, while books themselves are around in great numbers, methods of making new books are archaic and slow. As such, they still tend to fetch a good price in the market.


All price below are at source (S) and override prices in the LotFP Rules & Magic book. Note also that unique or special books may be worth more than the ranges allowed here.

  • Blank books are worth 5sp.
  • Other books (those with content) are worth 1d10 x 10 sp.
  • Blank Spellbooks are worth 100sp.
  • Every spell contained in a spellbook increases its cost by its spell level x 50 sp.
  • All books have the potential for magic, and magicians gain inspiration while reading books. Sometimes, a book will have a spell written on it. Typically though, books of this nature can only hold one spell. (It is not designed to hold more.)


  • Fa I finds a book of transmutation theses. His player rolls a d10 and gets a 1. The book is worth 10sp.
  • The astrologer gives Mu a book on The Decorative Sand Art of the Crab People: A History." Her player rolls a d10 and gets a 5. The book is worth 50sp. In addition, the Astrologer has developed a 2nd level spell (Preserve crab-man art) that is scribbled here and there along the margins. This adds 2×50sp=100sp to the cost of the book, for a total of 150sp.

Sometimes, books are abstracted. That is, their specific body of knowledge is undefined until the player says so. In this case they are merely represented by library value. If the exact number of books need to be defined, divide the value by 5.5 (round up.)


  • Papali donates books to the Ipixangga Clan. Collectively, the books have a library value of 500sp. There are around 90.91 ~ 91 books in total.

Note that every 500sp worth of library books will need a ten foot square of storage space, as normal for Weird Fantasy rules. Once the character has a library, (that is, 500sp or more in books) looting other libraries for acstracted books will only return d% of the library’s official cost. This is to represent duplicates, methodological differences among scholars, etc.


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