Tag: opium


  • Blue Stab

    A blue poppy, "blue stab", which is crumbled , wrapped in paper, and smoked like a cigarette. It is a nootrope which improves concentration. * Potency: 12 * Cost: 9 sp (S)

  • White Stim

    A white poppy, “white stim”, which is crushed and then made into tea. It boosts the body's natural healing. Potency: 4 Cost: 11 sp (S)

  • Sight of Asura

    A blue poppy, “sight of asura”, which is crushed into a paste and rubbed into the eyes; there is a chance that using this will cause permanent blindness. _Effect_: +1 to hit and +1 damage for X hours. * Potency: 20 * Cost: 30 sp (S)