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  • Blue Stab

    A blue poppy, "blue stab", which is crumbled , wrapped in paper, and smoked like a cigarette. It is a nootrope which improves concentration. * Potency: 12 * Cost: 9 sp (S)

  • Croc Shanks

    A black variety. "Croc shanks" are rolled into sticks and are placed in water. This common tea oxygenates the blood for some time. Its enthusiasts say it helps you hold your breath. Its naysayers say it can lead to cancer. * Cost: 4 sp (S) per bag.

  • Orange Orchids

    An orange variety. "Orange orchids" or double o's are dried, crushed, and mixed in hot water. This common tea has a relaxing effect. and is useful in a number of peaceful negotiations. It tends to be distrusted, though, as sometimes it is _too_ relaxing …

  • White Stim

    A white poppy, “white stim”, which is crushed and then made into tea. It boosts the body's natural healing. Potency: 4 Cost: 11 sp (S)

  • Books

    Books may be commonplace in the Yellow City. After all, it is said that the city itself is built on top of what is a grand library of an unknown age. Nevertheless, while books themselves are around in great numbers, methods of making new books are archaic …

  • Yak Spit

    A rare yellow variety. "Yak spit" is first chewed by yaks into cud. It strengthens the body against disease or poison for 1d6 days after drinking. * Cost: 8sp (S) per bag.

  • Nuang Sag's Dust

    A black variety. Nuang Sag's Dust is burned; the smoke is then inhaled while drinking hot water. It has a revitalizing effect. It is a very rare type of tea. * Cost: 16 sp (S) per bag.

  • Sight of Asura

    A blue poppy, “sight of asura”, which is crushed into a paste and rubbed into the eyes; there is a chance that using this will cause permanent blindness. _Effect_: +1 to hit and +1 damage for X hours. * Potency: 20 * Cost: 30 sp (S)