Ghost-people, uses Elf Class.

“Gweilo” derog.
Ghost-people or Devil-people.

Background (1d6)
1 : Slave
2-3 : Ordinary, stricken parents.
4-5 : Raised by a god cult.
6 : Powerful, disgraced parents.

“Below human beings, but still above crab-people, are the ghost-people. Said to be a possible consequence of living in such close proximity to the gods*, ghost-people appear fully human except for a noticeable “defect” — a spider’s eight eyes, a snake’s forked tongue, a fish’s scales — as well as tell-tale pointed ears. Although this humble author did not personally encounter one (for the ghost-people are apparently rare, proficient at hiding, or part of cults which are both), he did hear hushed tales of their being held responsible for all manner of natural and supernatural occurrence.”

  • See Zard-kuh.)
GM: I’m still pondering about this, but so far I like what I see.


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