Tag: holyman


  • Kícâra Nawahb's-Folk

    Kícâra is dedicated to Nawahb, the Orchid God of Dreams, Sex, and Food, a masculine deity with an appetite for human sacrifice. On select nights, Kícâra offers herself on the altar for sexual consumption for the troubled of heart, the restless sleeper, …

  • Rohan

    Suddenly appointed as a new head priest of their shrine, he has to juggle his responsibilities as the new leader as they struggle against other religion, particularly against the worshippers of Baku led by the high priestess Leri. Con Rua - blue - …

  • Chan Chai

    Chan Chai is a holy-man of Baphomet, a professor of the Malaba Palace-Academy, an adventurer extraordinaire who has visited many parts of the world, including a continent named Faerun, and a hero of the people. Or so he says.

  • Leri

    She is a childhood friend of [[:rohan | Rohan]] who now serves at [[The Cult of Baku | Baku]]'s temple in the Yellow City. A faithful servant of the River god.