Tag: NPC


  • Kojo

    Kojo is [[:mu | Mu]]'s childhood friend. They shared their first man-made meal together. One of the best navigators of the God River around.

  • Ru Pi

    Ru Pi works for an unnamed criminal organization. Things got hot recently, however, and she is lying low by ingratiating herself with the cockroach clans. In an attempt to dodge authorities, she sporadically shows up in the West (through the Ipixangga) …

  • Pa ni tá

    Pa ni tá is the cockroach breeder of the Ipixangga Clan. Cockroaches bred by her grow faster, are more tolerant to disease, and taste better, too. This expertise has led to the prominence of the clan in the Yellow City, insofar as cockroach clans are …

  • Ni Lan i

    Ni Lan i is the Lady of Opium along the God River. She knows how to consume each and every variety of poppy, she knows which Oligarchy produces which type, and she knows the going prices of each type. She does not actually trade in Opium, herself - she …

  • Pipi and Yupi

    Pipi and Yupi are twins. Somewhat odd in temperament but otherwise seemingly human for a couple of ten-year-olds, [[The Discordians | The Discordians]] keep them around out of the belief that they inspire the study of anarchy without making them succumb …

  • Kaur

    Kaur is the tanner of Ajay. But she is quickly becoming more popular than [[:hari | Hari]], and people say she is plotting to depose him. This may or may not be true, but some are already calling her Witch Queen. h6. Image source: "Llyncis on …

  • Ling

    Ling is one of the most popular students in the Malaba Palace-Academy. He is also a member of the [[The Discordians | Discordians]].

  • Chan Chai

    Chan Chai is a holy-man of Baphomet, a professor of the Malaba Palace-Academy, an adventurer extraordinaire who has visited many parts of the world, including a continent named Faerun, and a hero of the people. Or so he says.

  • Leri

    She is a childhood friend of [[:rohan | Rohan]] who now serves at [[The Cult of Baku | Baku]]'s temple in the Yellow City. A faithful servant of the River god.

  • Squatter

    Squatter (who, like most Lamarakhi, has a real name that is about impossible to pronounce) , travelled to the Yellow City after being inspired by the tales of the legendary storyteller, Ma Hek. However, she squatted on the property of the Papali, and as …

  • Pa Pali

    Of the Pali slug family, it is Pa's brainchild and obligation to let a cockroach clan stay within its land. By keeping controllable riffraff in, it reasons, the uncontrollable riffraff are kept out. So when riffraff show up at its doorstep, anyway, it …

  • Celine

    earnest acolyte eager to get her first disease for some reason, she cannot get sick. at all

  • Ga Gan

    plagued by visions gave Rohan my first disease addicted to opium