Tag: Lamarakhi


  • Kojo

    Kojo is [[:mu | Mu]]'s childhood friend. They shared their first man-made meal together. One of the best navigators of the God River around.

  • Mu

    [[File:523008 | class=media-item-align-none | mu2.png]] *Background* Mu hails from Alon, a cannibalistic Lamarakhi tribe. Notable personages include: * Ma Hek the storyteller, whom Mu idolizes * [[:kojo | Kojo]] the navigator, Mu's childhood friend …

  • Ni Lan i

    Ni Lan i is the Lady of Opium along the God River. She knows how to consume each and every variety of poppy, she knows which Oligarchy produces which type, and she knows the going prices of each type. She does not actually trade in Opium, herself - she …

  • Chan Chai

    Chan Chai is a holy-man of Baphomet, a professor of the Malaba Palace-Academy, an adventurer extraordinaire who has visited many parts of the world, including a continent named Faerun, and a hero of the people. Or so he says.

  • Squatter

    Squatter (who, like most Lamarakhi, has a real name that is about impossible to pronounce) , travelled to the Yellow City after being inspired by the tales of the legendary storyteller, Ma Hek. However, she squatted on the property of the Papali, and as …