Tersenyum "Tersi" Ular

An unassuming trader


Class: Specialist
Level: 2
Alignment: Neutral
Age: 26
Sex: M
Current XP: 1504
XP for next level: 3000

Ability Scores
Charisma 14 |1
Constitution 12 |
Dexterity 13 |1
Intelligence 11 |
Strength 7 |-1
Wisdom 12 |+0

Common Activities
Language at 5
Sneak Attack at 2
Stealth at 2
Search at 3
Everything else at 1

Saving Throws
Paralyze 14
Poison 16
Breath Weapon 15
Magical Device 14
Magic 14

Attack Bonus
Base Attack Bonus +1
Melee Attack Bonus +0
Ranged Attack Bonus +2
Surprise Chance 4
Max HP 11

Armor Class
Melee 13
Ranged 13
Without Shield 13
Surprised 10

Combat Options
Standard Attack [AB+0, AC+0]
Parry [AC+2]

Money: 254 silver – 7 copper

Non-Encumbering Equipment
Dagger (d4) Short
clothing, normal x5
clothing, extravagant

Rumour he’s heard: A lunatic Fakir is visiting from the Hundred Kingdoms, proclaiming Endtimes, and is committing acts of arson and random assault.


Young and eager, Tersenyum Ular—‘Tersi’ to his clan—is a young, fairly good-looking young man who likes to wear his thick, straight, brown hair in spikes that some say are reminiscent of the antennae of the giant roaches that are the livelihood of his clan. Tersi has a ready smile and is quick with wit and flattery, making him a one of the more easily identifiable characters in the markets west of the God River.

Tersenyum "Tersi" Ular

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