A priest of the holy tortoise


A down-on-his-luck priest of the great Con Rua, the hunched back tortoise of dreams, disease, and weather.

Basic Stats

Level: 3
Current XP: 4347
Max HP: 15

Ability Scores

Charisma: 15 ( +1)
Constitution: 10 ( +0)
Dexterity: 7 ( -1)
Intelligence: 9 ( +0)
Strength: 13 ( +1)
Wisdom: 13 ( +1)

Common Activities

Stealth: 2
Open Doors: 2
Prayer: 2
Sorcery: null
All other activities are at 1.

Saving Throws

Paralyze: 14
Poison: 11
Breath Weapon: 16
Magical Device: 12
Magic: 15

Armor Class

Melee: 13
Ranged: 13
Without shield: 13
Surprised: 11

Attack Bonus
W: Polearm (1d8), shortsword (1d8)

Base AB: +1
Melee AB: +1
Ranged AB: +1


Leather armor
Steel Holy Symbol
Normal Clothes

3 holy water vials (25sp ea)
1 pearl (90sp ea)
Opium & tea (1125 ea)
35 bags
79sp, 2cp


Suddenly appointed as a new head priest of their shrine, he has to juggle his responsibilities as the new leader as they struggle against other religion, particularly against the worshippers of Baku led by the high priestess Leri.

Con Rua
- blue
- tortoise
- dreams
- disease
- weather
- human sacrifice (via getting sick)
- male

low caste
Shrine – addiction (blue stab)

- head of guards – [Ga Gan]
plagued by visions
gave 1st disease

- frail and old regular attendee
initially an addict, now a convert

- earnest acolyte (human female) – [Celine]
eager to get her 1st disease

Rumor 1: Lost contact with Topaz Isle branch of Con Rua
Rumor 2: Members of cockroach clan gain cockroach-like traits through kidnaps or disease

Languages Known:
Trade Tongue


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