Fa I Azād

Eight-Eyed Entomologist


Basic Stats

  • Level: 2
  • Current XP: 5627/6000
  • Max HP: 11

Ability Scores

  • Charisma: 11
  • Constitution: 13 (+1)
  • Dexterity: 10
  • Intelligence: 14 (+1)
  • Strength: 10
  • Wisdom: 9

Common Activities

  • Search: 2
  • Climbing (Athletics): 2
  • Tinkering: 2
  • Sorcery: 1

All other activities (except Prayer) are at 1.

Saving Throws

  • Paralyze: 13
  • Poison: 12
  • Breath Weapon: 15
  • Magical Device: 13
  • Magic: 15

Armor Class

w/ Chainmail

Melee: 17
Ranged: 18
Without shield: 16
Surprised: 14

Special Books
“Honey, I shrunk the kids” (20sp)
“The Devourer of Delight – Zinzimar” (50sp)
“Belgian Clergy and Fermentation” (80sp)
Palla Ba’s journal of human fornication

Holy Symbol, Wood – Zard-Kuh, Spider Goddess
Chalice, Gold (150sp) – Zinzimar, Crocodile Goddess
Magic Wand – Demonslayer Slug, unidentified
12 Agate (5sp ea) – vs demons
Necklace, aquamarine-gold (500sp) – “Muskan of Clan Ajai”
Divider Demon statue (100sp) – pet of Zor-Lag

Beer Business (+15sp/month)

Library 100’ sq; 10,000sp capacity – 8,700sp books
Tax – 2,400sp to 4,200sp / annum

Dead Slug’s place 60’ sq

Bookshelves – red sap needed (10sp ea)



One of the Ghost-people, Fa I has two human eyes where they should be, four spider eyes clustered around his forehead, and two other spider eyes on the sides of his head. His hair is shaved off in tonsure except for a queue. He wears simple rags and a translucent cloak of moulted giant cockroach wings.


Fa I was rescued from the ruined shrine of a spider cult. Whether that cult was destroyed by rivals or crazed pajikot and what they intended with him is unknown. The rest of his life has been spent with the Ipixangga Cockroach Clan.

His sole personal possession is a book of magic liberated from the same shrine. While a paltry tome, it has sparked Fa I’s interest in scholarly pursuits and using his “weird” talents to serve the clan. He still has a lingering affection for the goddess he’s been taught to revere as mother, Zard-kuh.


  • His rival is Man Ju La, a local outlaw inducted into the clan, who deliberately bullies and belittles Fa I at every opportunity. Despite being an ass, Man Ju La garners sympathy through his haunted, desperate air. Fa I would kill the newcomer, but does not out of loyalty to the clan.
  • Has heard rumours of “a callow magician having summoned something awful that now roams the city streets at night.”

Fa I Azād

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