Sughudian Mercenary, Will Work for Tea


Level 2 Fight Man
XP: 3999 (3999)
HP 9/9 (Base 8 +1)

Ability Scores
Cha 11 (0)
Con 9 (0)
Dex 8 (0)
Int 8 (0)
Str 14 (+1)
Wis 8 (0)

Saving Throws
Paralyze 14
Poison 12
Breath Weapon 15
Magical Device 13
Magic 16

Attack Modifiers
Base AB +3
Melee AB +4
Ranged AB +3

Armor Class
Melee 14
Shield 15
Ranged 16
Surprised 12

Common Activities
- Bushcraft 2-
- Climbing 2-
- Languages 2-

-Sword 1d8
-Sling 1d4

Sword (Medium)
Leather Armor
Water Skin
Tea Bong (25)
1 Bag of Nuang Sag’s Dust (6/10)
32 gp (old currency)
87 sp

Not Known:
-Old Sughudian

-Start a business
-Find good tea


Born into one of the numerous minor merchant families of Sughud, Dyuang grew up in a tea plantation on the outskirts of Nuang Sag. He was to help in the family business, until he had to escape, after helping the plantation owner’s favorite wife abscond with the scion of the neighboring plantation. He is currently a wanted man in Nuang Sag.

Sughud, Land of Tea and Opium

Nuang Sag, Holy City of the Prophet Nuang Sag
Places of interest
→ Tomb of the Prophet Nuang Sag (Open daily to devotees and visitors. Please donate generously.)
→ Decorative Carp Pool (Found in the center of the city. Receive the Blesings of the Carp.)
→ School of Crayfish Control (Weekly exhibiitons open to the public.)
→ Bird Hall (Exotic aviary, home to various species of birds from every corner of the known world. Open to the public on selected feeding days)
→ Grand Seraglio (Home to Nuang Sag’s ruling merchant family. Tours must be booked at least one month in advance.)
→ Great Glacier (The Great Devil. Executions and their corresponding days will be announced at least three days in advance.)
Items of Interest
→ Nuang Sag’s Dust (Famous black tea with rejuvinating properties. Smoke and drink with hot water.16sp per pack. 10 servings/pack)


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