The Butcher of Ipixangga




Class: Warrior
Level: 2
Alignment: Neutral
Age: 35
Sex: F
Current XP: 3,999
XP for next level: Get to 4000!

Dian is a quiet, swarthy woman with a heavy hand and a short temper. She is tasked with the duty of feeding everyone in the clan, which is harder than one might be led to believe. Be warned, she likes to experiment with the things she puts in her pot. Dian also always walks around with her trademark cleaver and tenderizer.

Ma Ga Na is her more cheerful younger sister, who makes a living as a musician and entertainer. Their mother was a Lamarakhi who married someone from the clan; while Dian is not very concerned with her heritage as a river folk, Ma Ga Na relishes in reconnecting with her ancestry and learning what she can about it.

Ability Scores
Charisma 10 | +0
Constitution 12 | +0
Dexterity 6 | -1
Intelligence 13 | +1
Strength 16 | +2
Wisdom 10 | +0

Common Activities
Architecture at 2
Climbing at 2
Open Doors at 2
Everything else at 1

Saving Throws
Paralyze 14
Poison 12
Breath Weapon 15
Magical Device 13
Magic 16

Attack Bonus
Base Attack Bonus +3
Melee Attack Bonus +5
Ranged Attack Bonus +2
Surprise Chance 4
Max HP 16

Armor Class
Melee 13 (15 if with Chain Armor)
Ranged 13
Without Shield 13
Surprised 10

Combat Options
Standard Attack [AB+0, AC+0]
Parry [AC+4]
Press [AB+2, AC-4]
Defensive [AB-4, AC+2]

434sp 9cp

Finance Things
Rent – 30sp per month
Mule Upkeep – 7.5sp
Food – 15sp per month, at 3 meals a day
Income – 30sp a month from Ipixangga

Non-Encumbering Equipment
Leather Armor

Cleaver (1d6)
Tenderizer (1d4)
Spear (1d6)
Chain Armor (AC 16)
Cooking Pot
Fishing Gear
Cold-forged Iron Manacles of Demon Binding
Sacks x5
Sack of Flour

Known – Trade
Known – Haludi
Not Known – Lamarakhi


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