Tales From the Yellow City


Bim’s note: to be edited.

First day of school!

Mu plans on building a student org for outlander students. She asks Kai Leng to help her scribe some flyers to hand out to freshmen.

Kai Leng goes to a business connection — a down-on-his-luck contact to whom he had previously sold blue stab, Kalida. She asks for blue stab in exchange for scribe work. Kai Leng agrees to sell her half a blue stab at initial, the rest upon completion. “You’re very kind,” she weeps.

She prints out: ’Hello, Friend! Feeling blue? Want to build exotic, diverse “friendships”? Deviants encouraged to apply, to “Fasashi” (Foreign Students Club)"

Rohan looks for acolytes to buffer up his clergy. “Mister, mister, what’s this shrine about?”

“This is the…great Con Rua, the turtle god of dreams and sickness.” The student balks at the word “disease”. As ROhan struggles to explain, the student huffs and leaves, bored.

“Dammit, I need a PR,” Rohan exclaims.

He returns to the shrine, and speaks with Gagan, the shrine guard. “I can take care of it,” he replies. He plans on getting a…“theography” student to help recruit new followers. Rohan appoints his favorite acolyte, Celline, to man a recruitment booth.

“I’m looking forward to your great job.”
“And I can even get my first disease with this duty. DIsease for everyone!” she says, happy.

He checks Leri out.

Meanwhile, Muskan, stuck in class, broods in her Socery class. Still no allowance from her dad. The professor drones on about conjuration. He asks the class — “How do you specify a creature when casting your Summon spell?” Muskan answers, only to be interrupted by Ling entering the classroom.

“May I ask, professor,” Ling pipes up, “if you’ve actually used the Summon spell?”

Professor Afagu replies, “Well, I only know it theoretically, but I haven’t cast it myself. It’s dangerous stuff.”

Ling probes further, this time asking about how scrolls could stabilize a Summon spell. Red flags raise in Afagu’s mind. “I’m afraid, that, um,” he replies.

While Afagu struggles, Ling invites Muskan to the org house to check out his research on Summon spel. Affronted, Afagu dismisses the class, stressing the homework: a 3-page paper on why summon spells are bad and why they shouldn’t try it.

“And, Mr. Ling, may I have a word with you after class?” he adds.

The class ends. The slug professor finds himself alone with Ling, and begins speaking to him about his strange interest with Summon. Ling suavely responds to his inquiries, and invites the professor to check the safety standards that his organization employs against spells like Summon. Afagu agrees, and the two part ways — Ling’s…shadows…moving after his figure.

Students file past Muskan. A crowd stars to form around her, angry that her biboness in class got them homework. Five of the students mill, demanding she let them have a copy of her notes and homework.

“Now, now,” speaks a familiar voice. “Muskan is a friend of the Discordians.”

Ling appears, and a palpable fear spreads throughout the student crowd. They disperse, and the two strike a conversation about the Summon spell, and Muskan’s lineage as the daughter of the Witch-King. They part ways, with Ling reminding her that she’s welcome to visit the Discordians. Muskan returns to her classes.

Afagu, still concerned, speaks with the master sage.

Meanwhile, Kai Leng seizes upon an excellent business opportunity: selling study aids.

Mu pays Kai Leng 6 sp for the fliers and starts looking for a club adviser. She stikes lucky — a Lamarakhi pirate who also moonlights as a Baphomet priest.

Rohan arrives at the shrine of Baku, looking for Leri. The Baku acolytes regard him suspiciously. Somewhere in the distance, Rohan spots a man in orange — a Baphomet priest — arguing with Leri.

“Now tell me what you know!” the Baphomet priest cries.
“Just because you’re a University professor, doesn’t mean you have the right to harass other religions!”
“No, I’m here as a priest. You know something about the missing high priest!”

Rohan gently asserts his authority and butts into the argument. He learns that the Baphomet high priest has also disappeared in the Topaz Isles in a “God’s Moot”. He also learns that not all religions have a missing High Priest — the priests of Westside, for example, are still active.

Rohan indicates that he wants to propose a joint adventure. The Baphomet adherent insists on meeting on his shrine, as it is safer than Leri’s. “Fine!,” she shouts. “Fine!”, he shouts back. “Fine!” “Fine!”

“Don’t worry about it,” Rohan soothes Leri. “Every priest hates each other. I hate you.”
“I know,” she replies. “I hate you too. I hate your butt.”

Rohan pitches the idea of pooling their resources to fund an expedition to the Topaz Isles. Leri begrudgingly says that she is now amenable to the idea. “I’d rather work with you than work with him. If things go south, have my back, okay? For old times’ sake.”


Mu finds out that his name is CHan CHai.
She heads to the shrine, sees rhino in front of the altar. bowls of uncooked rice, offered. lotsof people from different walks of life.

they fock to this lamarakhi man. he’s big, 6 fet tall, with an eyepatch.

“Stand back, everyone!” he says. “priest/explorer/teacher coming along”
Mu speaks to him excited in Lamarakhi, but he asks her to repeat it in Common. "Well, I just need to believe

“this organization needs my fist. er, my expertise in ounching”. Mu is happy, and tells Chan Chai that she will put his name in the fliers as “Chan Chai the fister, slash explorer, slash Baphomet priest, slash General Studies professor.”

Afagu heads to the library and has a discussion with Polaha Po the headmaster. The headmaster tends to his eggs. Afagu shares his concerns with Ling, and broaches the plan of visiting the Discordian org house. “Would you like me to arrange a safety hazard, professor?” Kai Leng appears out of nowhere, delivering the needed compost for the eggs.

Polaha Po shares the news that the advisor of the Discordians had recently gone.

“Legally speaking, you’re entitled to half of the nest,” he adds. “Another 8 months. Do you remember when you first hatched? Imagine smelling all that manure.”

“I guess that’s why I don’t remember it, then.” Afagu blithely replies.

“Some people find it appealing. Maybe when it’s your time to lay eggs, you will find it nice too.”

“Erm. I don’t think it’s my time yet. Well. Okay.”

Polaha Po nods, and moves on to a different topic: traps, ordered from the Ekanch clan, placed strategically around the scroll’s hiding place. “We believe it can summon one of the gods,” he says.

Afagu leaves,entrusting the gathering of materials for thet rap to Kai Leng. Polaha Po looks over the nest like a happy parent.

Muskan heads to a class. A dwarven face pops and peers over the window and waves to the princess. The dwarf greets her and asks how her classes are going. Muskan replies and makes small talk, before inquiring about the father. “He forgot about you. Then he remembered. Last week,” the dwarf says. He hands her a bag filled with 10 gold pieces — her long awaited stipend.

Muskan returns to class and deposits 95% of her money to a bank account.

Kai Leng speaks with the butcher and confirms the order of traps for the library. “It’s for this magic scroll thing,” he says. The butcher confirms what he knows of the rumor, and adds that a pirate had been the one to have found it. In addition, the high priests had fought over it in the Topaz isles.

At this point I kinda stopped paying attention

Kai Leng and the butcher plot how to best exploit the situation. “It could work,” the butcher says. “We just need to be careful.”

Kai Leng nods, and ensures there’s a good layout for traps.

Rohan returns to good news: new converts, thanks to Celine’s efforts. “You did a very good job,” Rohan says.
“Enough for the first disease?” Celine beams.
“Uh…only Con Rua can grant you that blessing.”
“Dammit, why am I so healthy?” she groans.

Unbeknownst to her, both the High Priest and Rohan had been trying to hget her ill for the longest time. But nothing seems to stick

Kai Leng pops up. (Nobody’s surprised)

“About your high priest,” he says. He steers Rohan into a private, hushed conversation and tells him what he knows from the Butcher. “Remember the scroll? The high priests are fighting over it. And they, uh, all ended up dead.”

“There must’ve been at least one high priest who survived, though.” Kai Leng muses. Rohan agrees. Kai Leng tells him that the scroll is located in the Malaba library, and adds that having more detailed information could get…very expensive.


penetrate the depths of cultural understnding
spread the essence of diversity throughout the student body

Mu grabs 5 SP from the students as membership fee. Liing shows up. Some come from the Hundred Kingdoms, Sugud, and overseas.

Ling stays back and asks to have a word with Mu. He indicates that he has a gift for her, with a huge smile. Mu backs off, creeped out for the second time.

Muskan goes to the bank, owned by goblins, and plops in her investment.

Afagu inspects the traps and stumbles upon _____ (the beggar) speaking with #47. Afagu asks ____ to look around for suspicious persons in exchange for blue stabs. ____ bargains instead for four shells to better help communicate with crabfolk.

___ reveals that the crabman has a name: Taklalkdsfsdl.

“Erm, I’ll just call you Clack,” Afagu grumbles.

shakes his head sadly to Clack. “I tried, Taklakdfdfs.”


Muskan and Afagu arrive at the Discordian org house at roughly the same time. “Ah, professor! Just in time. And Muskan, too!” Ling cries. He welcomes them to the House of the Discordians – a somewhat lavish building.

He explains their group. “For this is what we do,” he intones. “FOR THIS IS WHAT WE DO” the members echo. Ling leads them to a large library inside the house. Muskan spends roughly an hour scanning the books, four hours to read them — oblivious to what happens around her. She starts seeking out any books on Summon. She learns a few key things: the ritual nature of the spell stabilizes it, a technical mind could use the Summon spell to summon an exact creature of his choosing, and that it requires someone of pure soul (a virgin!).

Afagu looks through the library too. He finds a lot of focus on summoning. “My theory,” Ling says, “is that Gods are…outsiders. Things from outside, that we are letting in.” Afagu pursues the line of thought and asks him what would happeen if theseoutsiders were let into this reality. “I believe it will be…detrimental. We have to understand what it is that can destroy the world, so we can stop it.”

“Have you met the muses?” Ling suddenly asks. “Would you like to meet them?”

Kai Leng heads back to meet with the butcher, trap map in hand. On the way, three men stop him in his tracks. “Nothing personal,” one of them say. Kai Leng, understanding too well, flees, heading deep into market district, hoping to lose the pursuers.


Luckily, Kai Leng has his thieving expertise to help navigate the twisty pathways. Suddenly, his arm is grabbed - it’s Ru Pi! She drags him and helps him escape. “This is me, warning you,” she says.

“Okay. Who did I piss off?” Kai Leng asks. “My boss,” she says. Kai Leng had been enroaching on the opium trade, and the higher-ups — whoever they may be — are not pleased. He asks who could introduce him to the boss. “I will need some sort of peace offering.”

He meets with the Butcher, unscathed. Kai Leng passes the map, and shares the news that Rohan had been informed of the circumstances surrounding the Summon scroll. “Leri’s the one who returned the scroll to Yellow City, right?” Kai Leng asked. He recounts the failed heist attempt on the Baku Shrine. He also asks for help meeting a boss — the Butcher, however, has no information. He helps, however, with securing two henchmen to assist Kai Leng.

Mu and Rohan arrive at the Baphomet shrine roughly at the same time.

Chan Chai is not too pleased about having to do advisor work — although this is mollified by the fact that he can speak about himself at length during club meetings.

“I’m here about the proposal,” Rohan interjects. “When you said she might knowsomething about the high priest, I think you’re on to something. We should try to interrogate her, when she comes in. We talk to her first, before we do some fisting.”

chan Chai volunteers casting a Sanctuary spell as soon as she comes in. As Rohan tries to leave, he hears a cheerful — “Hey everyone! I’m early!” Crap. Leri arrives. Two bodyguards too.

WHAT ARE YOU REALLY UP TO, LERI”, Chan Chai asks as Rohan tries to think of a diplomatic approach.

Leri asks Rohan what he knows of the situation. She balks at the news that all the high priests are dead. He expands further, revealing that he knew the item was a scroll.

“You know it was a scroll?” Leri asked.

Rohan begrudgingly admits to it. “How did you get it?” he asks. Leri refuses to answer. “Look, I’m sincere in trying to help you find your high priests.”

“Aren’t you looking for your high priest too?”

Leri pauses, caught. “Ah. Yes. Our priests.”

Rohan agrees to the plan for Leri to accompany them to the Topaz Isles. He asks her, however, to help them in any way she can, reminding her that the gods are watching. “I’m telling you everything I can tell you.”

“You could ask our crocodiles, if you must.”

Ling leads Afagu to the muses. He sees the twins. Ling explains, ’They inspire thought. Our academic talk is very animated, because of the presence of our muses."

Afagu asks Ling about the recent retirement of the org’s adviser. “Is that your interest in the org? And here I thought you were the police!” Ling exclaims. He bows and expresses his delight at Afagu becoming their adviser. He encourages Afagu to hang around the org house — and in particular, around the muses.

Muskan and Afagu leave the Discordian House.

There’s a dark room. Muffled voice speaks within – as if he’s gagged. Ling comes in, smiling. A young man, also a student, with faded out fake tattoos, is bound to the wall.

“Too bad that Mu chose not to show up,” Ling tells the student. “I was going to gift you to her. But now that your corpse won’t be eaten by her —” he stabs the student. A brief moment of panic settles – “No! I’m just a student!” — and passes — “who must do what he must.”



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